NIO, over 800 battery swap stations in China

NIO, as we know, he believes a lot in battery swap technology and continues to work to expand its station network for it as quickly as possible exchange of batteries. As of January 28, the Chinese carmaker could count on 828 battery swap stations, of which 220 along the motorways. Very interesting numbers that show how the network is growing really fast. To better understand the growth of the infrastructure, it can be recalled that at the beginning of December, the manufacturer had installed 700 stations in China. By January 21, 2022, however, this number had already risen to 800.

Despite the evident rapid expansion of this infrastructure, NIO has not quite met the goal of completing its network of stations by January 31st along the country’s eight major motorways and in the four most densely populated metropolitan areas. A job that was 94% completed and, for this, the brand “apologized” with a message within its app.

Even if the target was not met, the progress was really important. By the end of 2022, NIO aims to operate a network of more than 1,300 stations in China. Currently, it is installing second generation stations that allow up to 312 battery swaps per day. The replacement of the empty accumulator with a full one is carried out, fully automatically, in a matter of minutes.

Globally speaking, NIO’s goal is to install 4,000 stations by 2025, 1,000 of which are outside China. As we have seen, the manufacturer has already made its first battery swap station operational in Norway, the first country in the Old Continent where it officially landed.

In China, this technology is also growing rapidly due to a business model in which the battery is intended as a service. Customers can choose to buy the car without buying the accumulator, paying a monthly fee for the rental of the batteries and for the possibility of being able to use the battery swap service. A solution that also allows people to avoid worrying about the problem of battery degradation.

It will be interesting to see if this solution will manage to carve out, in the long term, an increasingly large space not only in China but also in the rest of the world. Interest is growing but at the same time battery technology is constantly improving and so are the speeds at which the batteries can recharge.

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