NIO, ET7 deliveries start in China. In Europe towards the end of 2022

NIO announced it had kicked off in China at the first deliveries of its new ET7 electric sedan. The first units have been delivered to Hefei customers where the car is produced. This is a very important model for the Chinese carmaker’s growth plans. In fact, this car, as well as for the Chinese market, was also designed for the European market where it will debut by the end of 2022. A car that could please customers from the Old Continent due to its design and specifications.

Recall that the NIO ET7 was presented during the NIO Day 2021. The new electric flagship of the Chinese brand is just over 5 meters long and is obviously compatible with the battery swap system developed by NIO which will also be available in European countries where it is expanding. This new model features a dual electric motor powertrain. Therefore, all-wheel drive is present.

There are available 480 kW and 850 Nm of torque. Customers, at the moment, can choose between a package 70 kWh or 100 kWh battery. In the future, NIO has promised that the ET7 will also be offered with a 150 kWh accumulator and up to 1,000 km of autonomy (NEDC cycle).

In the Old Continent, NIO already sells its ES8 in Norway and plans to expand to the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and Germany in 2022. The new ET7 electric sedan will therefore be very important for the Chinese manufacturer’s strategy to carve out a space for itself. inside the European market.

And after the ET7, the ET5 will also arrive in Europe in the spring of 2023, an electric sedan that we can see as a “smaller” version of the ET7.

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