NIO, 900 battery swap stations in China

NIO continues to expand its network of stations for battery swap in China. The automaker announced that it has activated the station number 900 on April 18 and precisely in Nanjing which is located about 300 km west of Shanghai. This is very interesting news, especially considering that at the end of January 2022, NIO could count on 828 stations for the battery swap. Therefore, in a few months this infrastructure has grown a lot.

Announcing this new milestone, the manufacturer recalled that thanks to its network of battery swap stations, 8 million battery changes.

Obviously, the work to expand this infrastructure does not stop there. As we know, the Chinese manufacturer’s goal is to get to make 4,000 stations available for battery swap by 2025, including 1,000 outside China. NIO wants to bring this infrastructure also to Europe and has already started installing the first stations in Norway, the first country in the Old Continent where it started selling its electric cars.

In China, battery swap is growing rapidly also thanks to a business model in which the battery becomes a service. The customer buys the electric car without buying the battery and then goes to pay a monthly fee for the battery rental. Also included in the fee is the possibility of being able to use the battery swap system. This solution allows car buyers not to worry about battery degradation.

We would like to remind you that NIO is currently installing second generation battery swap stations which, fully automatically, allow the replacement of the discharged accumulator with a charged one in a matter of minutes. NIO, however, is not just working on expanding its network of battery swap stations.

Indeed, the automaker is gradually expanding into China its charging network as well made up of over 740 stations for over 4,100 columns. There are also almost 3,900 destination charging stations located in just under 690 locations.

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