Nintendo Switch Pro: between new rumors and the trailer of Zelda we return to talk about it

Nintendo has shown us several times that it is difficult to predict. Of all the big names in the tech scene, it’s probably the one that has suffered the least from leaks over the years.

The case Switch Pro“, linked to rumors insisted by important sources such as Bloombergis an example still fresh in the memory of enthusiasts: in the end the dream of a more powerful hardware revision of the Switch vanished with the presentation of the OLED model, which as we explained in our review has improved some aspects (the screen, above all) , but it hasn’t changed the potential performance one iota.

For this reason today, in front of the rumors that reignite on the possible imminent arrival of Switch Pro, we must arm ourselves with curiosity but also with a lot of prudence. Having made this necessary premise, let’s get down to business.


Digital Foundry it is a reality that has carved out an important role in the field of videogame information: if we talk about the technical realization of a title, they are certainly a reference. Among the topics of the latest podcast Digital Foundry there is the postponement of the sequel to The Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild, whose launch until a few weeks ago was still scheduled for 2022, and which is now officially postponed to spring 2023.

The argument, however, quickly slipped onto the technical side of the game: according to Digital Foundry in fact some graphic elements visible in the trailer of the new Zelda, such as antialiasing and volumetric clouds, would be difficult to reconcile with the hardware of the current Switch. Hence, therefore, the hypothesis arises that the title was running on a hypothetical Switch Pro. An idea that is coupled with the announcement of the postponement: after all, also the release of the first Breath of The Wild (originally conceived only for Wii U) was postponed to spring 2017 to intercept the Nintendo Switch debut.

These are only weak assumptions. The alternative explanations, which do without the existence of Switch Pro, are there. For example, Nintendo may have simply unveiled a trailer embellished in terms of anti-aliasing. As for volumetric clouds, the Kyoto giant knows its hardware better than anyone else, and has always proven to be able to exploit it to the last drop of power: probably the development team (also considering a work that has been going on for years) has found a way to make this effect convincing without weighing down the hardware, perhaps exploiting the fact that in the sky there are large portions of void and therefore fewer elements to render on the screen.

There is no real conclusion: with so many clouds in between, it is natural that the situation remains nebulous. To the technical observations of Digital Foundry however, in these hours the tip from the leaker Infinite Takeswhich has become unbalanced on its Twitter profile claiming the Switch Pro announcement is just around the corner (maybe during the traditional summer Direct?). Obviously it is a ‘statement to be taken with a grain of salt, or with gloves, or even better by holding the pliers and at the same time taking care to protect your hands with gloves. You have to keep track of the rumors, yes, but also be careful not to get burned.


Rather than embracing a particular hypothesis, betting on that in spite of all the others, what we can do is recap the “Switch Pro case” trying to keep together the pieces of the past and the possible forms of the future, to understand how many and what jams could occur.

If an enhanced version of the Switch really comes out soon, let’s say within a year, those who hoped for a leap in performance would be both satisfied (in the short term) and disappointed (in the future). In fact, at the beginning of March, Nvidia’s leaks revealed Nintendo’s projects for Switch 2, showing inviting specifications. So far so good: if this were the model close to debut, we would just be happy.

The problem is that in the middle there is the spectrum of Switch Pro. In fact, also in March, rumors emerged that resumed the rumors of Bloomberg, outlining a scenario in which Nintendo really intended to launch an enhanced model, only to retrace its steps. An update that does not represent a generational leap compared to Switch today will perhaps improve the immediate present, but it jeopardizes the future, removing the release of Switch 2: in a short time, in fact, Switch Pro would also be obsolete.

Finally, a clue that instead points to the arrival of a Switch 2 (thus skipping the “Pro” step) at the end of 2023 or the beginning of 2024 was provided by Nintendo itself: in fact, 2023 is the moment in which the distribution of the circuits will end. of the Route Pass. There is certainly nothing, however. On the other hand, it is very likely that, however it goes, Nintendo will once again succeed in surprising everyone.

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