New iPhone every year? Apple thinks of an all-inclusive subscription

A Pixel Pass in Apple sauce: this could be one of the big news that the Cupertino company will present later, during the year. Not a revision of Apple One, which already now includes a single subscription for Music, TV +, Arcade, iCloud and, with the Premium version, Apple Fitness + (and News + in certain markets), but something different, which includes – like Pixel Pass – hardware products such as iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad.

Reuters reports that it would be one all-inclusive monthly subscriptionthe first of its kind in the history of the brand (yes it always is limited to digital services, has never included hardware products in its subscription forms with the possibility of changing them on a regular basis). There is still nothing official or definitive, but the source (the name has not been revealed for obvious reasons) seems to be well informed of the company’s projects.

The stock market has welcomed this indiscretion, so much so that as soon as the news spread, the shares grew by 2.3%. What is certain is that if Apple really decided to join the full price saleat installments and ai subsidies through operator also the fourth way of the subscription, it would be a great little revolution. The intention would be to attract those who do not intend to spend large amounts all at once, opting instead for a formula deferred.

So will we be able to subscribe to an iPhone exactly like we do today for Apple Music? Probably yes, the profit margins are there and the company knows it could catch anyone who doesn’t want to pay over 1,000 euros for a product in one go. Caution: it is not a payment in installments (i.e. the total figure divided by the number of months), nor a renewed version of the Apple Upgrade Program active for some time, but the monthly sum has yet to be defined by the company – and will clearly vary as the device and model chosen vary . Customers will also have the option to change the iPhone every year (or other iDevice) by replacing it with the latest model.

Clearly the plan hardware subscription it will be adequately integrated with the digital offers in progress, Apple One and Apple Care in the first place. It is not yet clear whether these will be included to create an all-in-one subscription or if the option will remain for the customer to select item by item. At least Apple Care would make sense that it was automatically included.

The debut of the service is expected by the end of 2022or at the very beginning of 2023. But it is also possible that Apple will permanently set aside the project or postpone it to a later date.

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