Netflix “triumphs” at the Razzie Awards: 5 victories thanks to the musical about Lady Diana

Netflix may not have had a great success at the 2022 Oscars, but it has “remade”, so to speak, ai Razzie Awardsor Golden Raspberry Awards, if we want to use the official name. His musical about Lady Diana took home five wins out of ten categories. The rest of the awards but two went to Space Jam: New Legends, which “triumphs” in the categories Worst Actor, Worst Remake and Worst Pair. Jared Leto Wins Worst Supporting Actor in Ridley Scott’s House of Gucci.

Finally there is a victory also for Bruce Willis, to which this year the Razzies have even dedicated a complete category, that is Worst interpretation of Bruce Willis in a film of 2021, in which he appears with eight films. According to rumors around Hollywood, it would be part of a well-defined strategy to make a lot of money with the minimum return: each of these contracts, leveraging the power of the name, yields the actor a few million dollars. for a couple of days of work – a maximum of three scenes: one at the beginning, one in the center and one towards the end of the film – without the hassle of international press tours and social events. Below is the video of the ceremony and the complete list below:

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