Netflix shares the first photo from the set of the TV series on Blockbuster

Netflix will do a TV series on Blockbuster – yes, precisely the chain of video rentals that exploded in the 90s, and which up to twenty years ago was present in every corner of the planet and then disappeared a few years later, destroyed by the internet and the world of streaming – in a nutshell, ironically, from Netflix itself.

The series had already been announced several months ago, and today the streaming giant has published the first image from the set: in addition to the logo and the yellow and blue billboards with an unmistakable style we see the two protagonists, Melissa Fumero (most famous for Brooklyn Nine-Nine) and Randall Park, who will know well both fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (he was Jimmy Woo in WandaVision and Ant-Man and the Wasp) and those of the DC Universe (Doctor Shin in Aquaman) .

Not much is known about the series, except the genre (workplace comedy) and the fact that it will be set in the last Blockbuster opened in the USA. The production is entrusted to NBC / Universal Television – more specifically the creator and showrunner is Vanessa Ramos, who among others also worked in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, in fact. It has been anticipated that it will be an ensemble series, apparently somewhat The Office style, but there is not much information on the rest of the cast yet. The first season will be ten episodesand will basically try to figure out how a small business can be successful against all odds.

The series looks very interesting for important past between the two companies. Around the year 2000, Netflix’s two founders, Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings, attempted to sell the company to Blockbuster for $ 50 million; Blockbuster refused, and the two vowed to destroy it – succeeding, as we know. It is worth pointing out that at that time Netflix’s main business was still mail order: perhaps not everyone knows this, but the platform was basically born as an “online version of Blockbuster”. You connected to the site, chose the film you wanted to rent and it arrived a few days later by post. Blockbuster itself tried Total Access too, but it was too late; he also tried the digital road by buying Movielink, but by now Netflix was on the launch pad and had no escape.

Today there is a single Blockbuster left open to the world: it is called The Bend and is located in Oregon, precisely in the town of Bend. It has an active and constantly updated catalog of around 1,200 films, and apparently has over 4,000 customers. The shop owners also recently posted it on Airbnb for those interested in organizing 90s-themed sleepovers. In short, it has become a small cult for cinema fans – and those nostalgic for those years.

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