Netflix inaugurates the double thumbs up: I don’t like this TV series, I love it!

Netflix wants to set the record straight and from now on it will distinguish what the user likes from what the user likes. Translated: to the classic thumb up joins from today the double thumb. It will seem an irrelevant detail, even redundant in some ways, but the intention of the streaming platform is to collect more and more precise data that express the preferences (or non-preferences) of subscribers.

In practice, a third option now appears alongside the classic thumbs up and thumbs down, graphically represented by two Thumbs up. The news is available on TV, web version and Android and iOS app. Will you use it to express your enthusiasm for the return of Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul in the Better Call Saul finale?


Netflix explains the difference between single and double thumbs up by asking us a question: “[questa serie TV] do you like it or do you love it?“Well, it’s nothing more than”one more way for members to let us know what kinds of series and movies you want to see more of“. Leave feedback on a content it is primarily for us users, because it is on what we like and do not like that the algorithm elaborates the advice to be proposed to us on the platform. And expressing an even more pronounced opinion with a double thumbs up allows you to create “a profile with recommendations that best reflect what you like“. In other words: it comes further refined the personalization of your profile.

A thumbs up still lets us know what you liked, so let’s use this answer to provide similar advice. But a double thumbs up tells us what you loved and helps us get even more specific with your advice.

And definitely the new tool it will also be useful to Netflix itselfwhich will have even more precise indications on the tastes of subscribers and on these will be able to punctually define its own strategies.

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