Netflix has canceled Bright 2 and several animation series | Rumor

Apparently the sequel to Brightthe 2017 Netflix hit starring Will Smith, it will not: Bloomberg reporter Lucas Shaw confirmed this, specifying however that the decision is not related to the now well-known story of the slap during the last Oscars. No alternative reasons have been specified, but it is interesting to observe that the information emerges just a few days after the first decline in subscribers, however slight, recorded by Netflix in its history. The platform has stated that it will take action on the issue of shared passwords, but among the insiders it is rumored that several investment cuts have also been made.

When it came out, Bright received very poor reviews from critics; however, for Netflix it had been one of the most successful launches ever. Consequently, a sequel was confirmed almost immediately, in January 2018. The plan was that both Will Smith and Joel Edgerton would reprise their roles, David Ayer would return to directing while Evan Spiliotopoulos would take care of the script. In 2019, a postponement of production was unveiled due to Smith’s busy schedule, then more or less two years ago it emerged that Netflix had contacted another director, Louis Leterrier (The Incredible Hulk, Now You See Me) to carry on. the project.

Previous rumors have indicated that Netflix has decided to cancel Fast and Loose, an action blockbuster always starring Smith – this time yes, because of the slap. However, the production of the crime biopic The Council (also for Netflix and with Smith) would be moving forward – as well as a new Bad Boys at Sony, by the way.

At the same time, The Wrap reports that the budget for animated productions has also been drastically reduced. Even some important executives of the Netflix Animation division, including the leader Phil Rynda, would have been fired. Several series already planned for some timeincluding several from high-profile franchises, would be canceled. The source takes, for example, the adaptation of Bone, the smash hit comic by Jeff Smith.

In general, it seems that the possible approach adopted so far has been abandoned in favor of one more targeted production strategy. In other words, the old mantra “we want Netflix Animation to be the home of everyone’s favorite shows” (pronounced by Rynda himself) has been replaced with “we want to produce what our subscribers want to see” (spoken by CEO Reed Hastings) ..

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