Netflix for Apple TV is updated: support for the new tvOS player and Siri Remote

Netflix has released a update of its application for Apple TV which in this way supports the tvOS 15 player and introduces other innovations such as the one for the Siri Remote. There version is 2.1.23and whoever has automatic updates turned on should have already received it.

The most obvious novelty is the already mentioned introduction of the tvOS 15 player visible when watching content on Netflix, be it a movie, series, documentary and any other. Also now the title of what you are watching is shown in larger characters in the lower left area of ​​the TV when the content progress bar is displayed.

Conversely, just above the title of the series, the one that gives the episode its name now uses smaller fonts. At the debut a new button for information on the content, which gives access to the details of the same as well as the virtual keys to restart the episode, put another one, etc.

At the same time as the main innovations of tvOS, Netflix 2.1.23 for Apple TV supports the remote control Siri Remote new generation introduced together with the Apple TV 4K which was made official a year ago these days.

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