Netflix fires part of Tudum’s staff a few months after launch

Netflix is ​​firing a portion of Tudum’s editorial staff, the fan site launched just a few months ago (December 2021, after having announced it in September) which collects interviews, news, analyzes and other similar contents. Formally he is part of the marketing team, and is one of the many proposals of the platform in the publishing field. The details for the moment are still unclear, but The Verge says that the measure has affected at least the majority of the team (which according to The Hollywood Reporter is ten people) dedicated to trends and culture. Some of these reporters confirmed the dismissal via Twitter and other social media.

The dismissal came without warning; ironically, most of the individuals involved were veteran and experienced journalists and it was Netflix who offered them the job, Not vice versa. The US newspaper cites a well-informed internal source who, apparently, foretells that further staff cuts are on the way, and will affect other teams. For the moment it is not perfectly clear how the Tudum team is composed in detail, and how big it is.

Netflix did not make specific comments on the layoffs, but did tell colleagues of Protocol that there is no intention of completely closing Tudum, which indeed remains a priority for the company. Of course, it is inevitable to link the news to the first drop in subscribers in the history of the platform, reported a few days ago; a decline that could be defined as irrelevant looking at the cold numbers (200,000 subscribers out of over 200 million), but which has caused important changes in the perception and mentality of the company and employees.

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