Navigation with 1 meter accuracy: Qualcomm’s revolution on Android

Satellite systems increasingly accurate and precise on smartphonesas well as indispensable: this is the will of Qualcomm which will bring on Android devices based on Snapdragon 888 and 8 Gen 1 platforms GNSS technology developed by Trimble RTX, former partner of the Californian company for ADAS and autonomous driving systems. This will allow to obtain levels of precision never achieved before, improving the overall quality of navigation.

We talk about a ‘signal accuracy of one meter, five times higher than what can be achieved today with traditional GNSS systems. The benefits that can be obtained from this technology are obvious: the Android smartphone with the technology activated will be able to guide motorists with real-time navigation precision such as to recognize the lane you are traveling on, consequently providing indications on when to move. for example for a turn or to avoid a column.

To get the most out of the Trimble RTX solution you will need a joint work between Qualcomm and its partner on the one hand and smartphone makers, telecom operators and app developers on the other. In this way, on top-of-the-range smartphones equipped with an Android operating system, they will be able to unlock unprecedented navigation features.

Together we will enhance the functionality of premium Android smartphones, enabling mobile apps to provide better information about the user’s immediate vicinity“, explains Lisa Wetherbee, GM of Trimble Advanced Positioning. Francesco Grilli, VP, Product Management at Qualcomm Technologies, echoes that such an accurate location system will be able to”take location-based experiences to a new level“.

Credits opening image: Pixabay

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