Musk offers $ 5,000 to the 19-year-old who tracks his jet. Him: “Better a Model 3”

Five thousand dollars were not enough to convince the young man from Florida who created the Twitter account “@ElonJet” to close his shop; in fact, the bot follows step by step the private plane of theeccentric Elon Musk using public data ADS-B (aka Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast), a cooperative air traffic technique used for aircraft identification.

The billionaire does not like, for obvious reasons, that he is followed in all his air travels and thus reached the nineteen year old, Jack Sweeney, to whom he offered the sum quoted for the disturbance of a possible closure. Too bad they weren’t enough to convince him, from the top of the over 220 thousand followers who follow “Elon Musk’s Jet” and are worth much more than a few coins. The system is already well tested: it is activated as soon as the vehicle starts up, it launches a first tweet on take-off and a second on landing; specifically we are talking about an encoded Gulfstream G650 “N628TS“.

The first contact between the two seems to date back to November 30, with Musk politely asking the boy to close the account – defined as a security risk – thus offering $ 5,000 in exchange. Sweeney would thus have upped the ante, also considering the interlocutor, asking for $ 50,000, useful for “paying for college and, perhaps, a Tesla Model 3”.

“I don’t like the idea of ​​being hit by a madman,” added Musk, firm that he “feels unfair to have to pay to close (the account).” For this reason Sweeney changed the request in his last message, turning to a chance in one of his companies: “Options other than remuneration such as an internship would make elimination much easier”. In short, a clear negotiation that has not taken place at the moment.

Anyway the young man offered an assist to the wealthy person concerned, suggesting the use of a blocking program which offers protection from flight tracking programs. Advice accepted, but not for this @ElonJet has stopped working: now, it seems, it is just a little more complicated to plot the routes, but any move of the Gulfstream G650 continues to be monitored relentlessly, and Musk is certainly not one that stands very still in one place.

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