Metroid Dread, free update: three new modes arrive

Fast, frenetic, fluid. Metroid Dread, as we explained in our review, it is a worthy successor to the 2D chapters of the saga and an exceptional game in general. An old-fashioned title in the setting, but with a gameplay and level design that have been appropriately modified to create a modern and fully successful experience.

Of course, it’s a single player only title, and so longevity isn’t its forte. But Metroid Dread is an experience clearly conceived from the beginning to be played and then replayed (also in terms of speedrun). And theupdate 2.1.0that from today it can be downloaded for free on Nintendo Switchis further proof of this.

In fact, the update adds three new modes that draw one of its central elements from the game, namely the clashes with the bosses, and thus add new elements of challenge.

Boss Rush is the classic mode that puts the player in front of one “marathon” in which to face all 12 bosses in a row, with the damage suffered that will be preserved in the transition from one fight to another (while the weapons will be restored). Additionally, you will be able to hone your skills against a particular enemy by selecting the “Practice” option. You will need to have completed the game at least once to unlock Boss Rush.

In the center of Survival Rush instead there is not only the fight against the bosses, but also the fight against time. In fact, the aim will be to succeed in annihilate as many bosses as possible within 5 minutes: defeating one, however, will give you additional time, which will be calculated based on the damage suffered (the less it will be, the more generous the bonus will be).

And finally there is Dread Rush, which is unlocked only after completing the game in Dread Mode. This mode is the most hardcore and punitive: it practically is the equivalent of the Boss Rush, but in this round every single hit Samus takes will knock her outmarking the end of the challenge.

Below we present the complete changelog of the Metroid Dread 2.1.0 update with all the details of the new modes and also those relating to the correction of a bug.

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