Meta runs for cover after the harassment between avatars: safety distance arrives

Meta introduces the safe distance between avatars of virtual reality. Zuckerberg’s company seems to have run for cover after a first incident of sexual harassment reported in early December that frowned on more than a few security fronts in Zuckerberg’s parallel and virtual universe. On that occasion the victim would have been a young woman the avatar of a young woman during a Horizon Worlds testing session.

And it is right up Horizon Worksthe creative platform, e Horizon Venues, the live events service, which insists on the novelty announced by Meta. The safety distance – or Personal Boundary as the company calls it, literally Personal borderprevents avatars from being closer than about 4 feet apart, and it is activate immediately by default.

We will bring better over time – Meta writes – as we understand how the novelty affects people’s experience.

There is not much to explain, because it is trivially as if each avatar were wrapped in a “bubble” that prevents anyone else from invading that space: each attempt is automatically blocked by the safety system developed by the designers.

Meta talks about possible changes because for the moment it is not possible to deactivate the safety distanceso it is likely that the company first wants to see the effects determined by this “extreme” choice to then understand which direction to take, whether to continue on this path, return to the previous freedom (it seems unlikely), or give the user the right to choose and maybe even customizing the same safety distance, which someone might want increase or decrease.

We have chosen to propose the safety distance as the default setting because we think it helps to establish rules of behavior, which is important for a relatively young environment like that of virtual reality – Meta explained in the press release.

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