Meta opens its first physical store

Meta too, like other major tech companies, considered it appropriate launch a physical store to allow end users to touch its products with their own hands, without relegating them to online distribution. The Meta Store will open to the public on May 9th next and is located in Burlingame (California). The stated goal is simple: to make it easier to prove what currently represents the main pillar on which the Company intends to base its business, namely Virtual Reality. Meta explains:

The best way to understand virtual reality is to try it. In the new Meta Store anyone can run a demo of popular apps on Quest 2 and project what they’re experiencing onto a big wall for friends to see. You can also try other products like Ray-Ban Stories and Portal, and get an idea of ​​what’s to come as we get closer to the metaverse.

The size of the shop is deliberately contained: just under 150 square meters per offer an engaging experience – this is at least the reason stated in the official note. Placing the Meta Store in Burlingame is not accidental since it is located near the headquarters of Reality Labs where Meta develops its metaverse.

For now it is not known whether the creation of a more extensive network of points of sale is planned, but it is a likely prospect if, as mentioned, with these stores Meta intends to bring to the attention of the general public the products that at the moment continue to affect a narrow niche of users.

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