Meta, four VR headsets by 2024

It is no mystery that Meta now wants to base its business activity on the metaverse. Virtual reality viewers they represent a very important element to achieve the goal. By 2024 the giant led by Mark Zuckberg is expected to launch on the market four new modelsdifferentiated by positioning and including a couple that will raise the bar of technical specifications compared to the current Meta Quest 2.


Providing the latest rumors about Meta’s VR headset roadmap is The Information. More specifically, timelines and models provide for:

  • September 2022: Project Cambriacode name Arch. Standalone model (does not require a PC) of higher end than the Meta Quest 2 and already passed to the headlines with the official images. The source adds a detail on the price it should be on 800 dollarsa higher figure than that required for Meta Quest 2 (in Italy it starts from 349 euros), but justified by a higher level hardware, starting from the high resolution displays (two miniLED displays of 2.48 “and 2.160 x 2,160 pixels, according to rumors). The device will be based on the Android operating system modified by Meta and will offer a computing power more similar to that of a low-end laptop. One of the strengths will be the ability to manage the passthrough mode a colors for mixed reality. Other peculiarities concern the battery: it will be of higher capacity than that of the Meta Quest 2 and placed in the rear part of the viewer to make it more comfortable to wear. A series of sensors positioned inside the viewer will finally allow to track the movements and facial expressions of the user by animating his avatars.
  • 2023: Stinson (none in code): it is one of the two models that will be positioned roughly (details on the exact price are missing) in the range in which the Meta Quest 2 is now placed, therefore quite accessible. However, details on the technical characteristics are missing.
  • 2024:

    • Funston (code name). It will be the updated model of Project Cambria / Arcata, therefore a high-end device.
    • Cardiff (codename): It is the other band model similar to that of the Meta Quest 2 and Stinton. Again, specific information on price and features is missing.

All of the above only with regard to augmented reality viewers to which they should then be added in 2024 also AR Project Nazare eyewear (independent from external devices), their cheaper variant Hypernova (dependent on a smartphone) and the bracelet which, through electromyography, will allow you to control these devices with thought. Finally, two revisions of the AR eyewear would already be planned: one in 2026 and the other in 2028.

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