Marvel Cinematic Universe, development planned until 2032 | Official

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is here to stay: during CinemaCon 2022, the top manager of the initiative, Kevin Feige, confirmed that at present the plan for the superheroes of the House of Ideas even extends until 2032. No previews, of course, but the intricate web of stories and characters woven over these first 14 years (MCU # 1 film, Iron Man, released in 2008) is set to expand significantly. Feige said there will be new characters while others will return.

With Spider-Man: Far From Home ended the Infinity Saga, which began with Iron Man, and with 23 films it has enclosed the first three so-called “phases” into which the MCU is divided. We are now in the middle of Phase 4, which already promises to be much more prolific than previously seen thanks to the arrival of the many exclusive TV series for Disney Plus (to date, even six have already arrived, and at least ten others are in the works). At this point it is not yet perfectly well defined, but it seems that Marvel is preparing a new super saga that will keep us company for many years.

As for films that have a title and a release date, however, concrete plans stop at 2023 with the third Ant-Man movie. Altogether there are six titles coming up, which is good to recap:

The news of the intention to continue with the MCU operation is unlikely to surprise anyone, given that it is one of the most profitable franchises – if not THE franchise – in Hollywood history. According to Box Office Mojo, of the 50 films that totaled more than $ 1 billion, 10 are part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe – with Avengers Endgame which, moreover, is second just a few million dollars away from Avatar (also by Disney, so to speak).

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