MacBook Pro, light at the end of the tunnel is there but it is far away: slow production starts again

With the trend of infections that seems to have stabilized in Shanghai, the measures to combat the pandemic would finally be easing, at least as regards industrial production. So Quanta, to which Apple would have entrusted the production of MacBook Air and Pro, would be gradually returning to produce Apple laptops.

A few weeks ago the Nikkei Asia had confided the considerable difficulties that Apple’s partners were facing due to the resurgence of infections in China and Shanghai. The Asian newspaper reported on the stop to the production of dozens of companies working for Appleincluding Pegatron who is entrusted with part of the production of the iPhone, and Quanta, which instead deals with MacBooks.

On the first no news, the second instead would have gotten the authorizations needed to restart MacBook productionfor which the question would become “getting stronger” probably because of the weeks of stoppage in which the orders would have accumulated. According to the trusted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, very knowledgeable about the Cupertino issues, Quanta would be the sole manufacturer of high-end MacBookstherefore the Pros which, moreover, have been recently renewed and are therefore in great demand.


Following the rumor that the production of Quanta would have been stopped by the authorities due to Covid, the delivery times of the MacBook Pro would have expanded, and the situation is still not rosy. Some configurations if you order today would have one delivery scheduled between the end of June and the beginning of July. But be careful to give up the vicissitudes of Apple’s laptops: production, as mentioned, would be slowly recovering, so the difficulties for Apple and for customers are not a thing of the past, on the contrary.

The delays will continue, and the account – income – for Apple will arrive in the third quarter, ie the one that will open in June. In short, for the moment and for a while longer, to have a MacBook Pro you will need to be patient.

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