MacBook Pro and MacBook Air M2 within the year, new confirmations

New confirmations on the arrival of MacBook Air and MacBook Pro based on Apple Silicon M2 chip within this year: colleagues from 9to5mac citing well-informed internal sources on the matter. The same source had also spoken of the arrival of the Mac Mini M2 (and M2 Pro) just yesterday. At the moment the details are scarce: we simply have the codenames of the two machines, J413 and J493 respectively.

Apple’s approach to the MacBook Pro range since the advent of proprietary Apple Silicon processors is quite peculiar. We can basically speak of a 13 “entry level modelbased on the standard variant of the processor, followed later by the higher-end 14 and 16 “models that adopt the more powerful variants (Pro and Max). These first clues suggest that this will also be the case with the M2. Internally Apple would have considered removing the wording “Pro” from the entry level model, thus leaving only “MacBook”, better defining its intermediate role in the Apple range of laptops, but it seems that this hypothesis has been discarded.

As for MacBook Air, it is interesting to observe that just a few days ago Ming-Chi Kuo had said that the new version would still be based on M1, more precisely an updated variant. It is worth noting that second 9to5mac neither computer will be available with Pro or Max variants of the chip – exactly as with the current generation, in short. Mac Mini, on the other hand, could also arrive with M2 Pro, while the current one is only available with M1.

Apple Silicon M2 is expected to be based on the A15 Bionic SoC seen on the iPhone 13. Like the predecessor it should offer an octa-core CPU, this time however equipped with a GPU with more cores, 10 (M1 is available with 8 or 7 core variants). Also in this case the Pro, Max and Ultra variants are in the works. The latter should reach 24 cores for the CPU.

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