LinkedIn thinks about creators: analytics and content creation tools are on the way

Even on LinkedIn there are “creators” and it is therefore right that they have the right tools to create content. That must have been the thought of the “professional” social network Microsoft acquired in 2016 for $ 26.2 billion that recently added a suite of new analytics features designed to help content creators improve their following on the platform.

These new tools arrive about a year after the introduction of the profile setting dedicated to the “creator mode”. Going into more detail, these tools offer more detailed analytical data to monitor the performance of individual posts, as well as statistics that will help creators “understand who is reading and interacting” with their content. LinkedIn is also adding tools that will help creators strengthen their presence on the platform and gain greater visibility for their content by highlighting it on their profile.

Finally, LinkedIn is also updating the tool that allows users to record short introductory videos that appear next to profile photos. This feature now also includes tips intended to guide users step-by-step in creating clips.

Although content creation is not quite the “core” of the platform, LinkedIn is still constantly stepping up its efforts to help users create content by encouraging even the most influential users to create podcasts as well. All these efforts seem to be giving the desired results. .

The creators mode, in fact, has so far been activated by over 5.5 million users and those who activated it have had a growth in followers of about 30%. To further entice users to create content, Linkedin announced last year a fund of 25 million dollars to which only a limited number of users have had access so far.

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