LG Solar presents the new 2022 photovoltaic panels: efficiency over 400 Wp

The energy issue is more topical than ever, in the homes of all Europeans and on the benches of EU governments and, while medium and long-term strategies are being studied, the photovoltaic sector continues to develop relentlessly thanks to producers such as LG that this today anticipates the 2022 range of the Solar division. The protagonists of the day are three: NeON H +, NeON H + Black and NeON Rthe first modules that use LG’s proprietary Gap-free technology that aims to increase energy efficiency.

LG has thus succeeded in making panels that in all cases they exceed 400 Wp (peak watt, i.e. the maximum theoretical power that can be produced), with the H + series reaching 420 Wp and the R series that instead goes up to 440 Wp, above the previous generation. These are certainly not record values ​​but the efficiency has risen further, we are therefore talking about 22.1% for this latest series.

Arousing interest are the 132 N-type half-cut cells of the NeON H + line, therefore a better configuration that allows you to make the most of the area, increase resistance to external impacts and thermal stress. At the same time LG has eliminated the empty space between the cells (reducing the distance that energy has to travel) for a more elegant design, with reduced dimensions and weight that facilitate installation on the roof.

The NeON R panels, on the other hand, are the most powerful and are composed of 66 N-type cells, thanks to their structure they are able to reach greater peaks. Prices and availability have not yet been disclosed, the Korean house will reveal all the details of the new range during an event scheduled for 18 February.

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