Kojima Productions Enter PlayStation Studios? Hideo’s answer

When it comes to Hideo Kojima, very often you do not know what you are talking about, and why. In the last few hours the discussion on the net exploded after that in the banner of the PlayStation Studios appeared Death Stranding, and that is the latest game by the Japanese developer, instead of Concrete Genie by Pixelopus. This simple fact alone would have been enough to foment the discussion on possibility that Sony is about to acquire Kojima Productionssince he has decided to place a title within a banner advertising the works of the internal studios.

But as if that weren’t enough Kojima himself took the opportunity to add fuel to the fire, sharing the image on Twitter without any comment, and thus making what was only a hypothesis something more concrete. Even too concrete: to the point that the good Hideo, shortly after, returned to the subject with another tweet, in which he denies everything.

The fact that he apologizes for the misunderstanding, when he clearly wanted to ride him for a while, curious. For the rest, the clear message: it is just a misunderstanding: Kojima Productions and will continue to be an independent reality. And then Jeff Grubb’s rumors return to make sense according to which Kojima would have, among other things, signed the agreement for an Xbox exclusive, which otherwise would have probably been vaporized.

And if you wonder why Death Stranding appears in the “carousel” of PlayStation Studios, the answer in the fact that it is a ‘Sony IP – not surprisingly released only on PS4 and PS5, and then later on PC, always under the pressure of the Japanese giant that lately is also opening up to this market.

The story, therefore, seems to have been resolved in a stalemate: even if, as said at the beginning, with Kojima you never know. And therefore a minimum margin of doubt, on where the trollata should be located – whether upstream or downstream of the affair -, for safety we leave it there.

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