KEF ready to announce LS60 Wireless Active Speakers

KEF will reveal i LS60 Wireless active loudspeakers the May 12. The British brand posted the announcement on their Instagram account without giving any further details. The attached image is labeled “Shaping the future of High-Fidelity”.

The LS60 Wireless speakers will almost certainly fit on a higher end than the LS50 Wireless, originally marketed as an active version of the LS50 monitors and replaced by the LS50 Wireless II in September 2020.

This type of product has a section of integrated amplification and of broad connectivity, useful for playing songs from local network and music streaming services. If the image inserted in the ad schematically represents the new LS60s, we can expect the new product to differ from the LS50 as a floor speaker rather than a bookcase. What is portrayed looks like a column with a base on the bottom.

More information will come next week with the official presentation.

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