Kaspersky with Huawei in the entity list: US security risk

Kaspersky enter the United States blacklist which includes companies considered a national security hazard. The decision of the Federal Communications Commission comes a few days after the Italian position with which the Government banned Russian antivirus software from the Public Administration.

It is a list that we know well, that of the USA, and it is monopolized by China – the forerunner, as we know, was Huawei – and just last Friday, together with Kaspersky, China Telecom Americas and China Mobile International were added last. USA. The Russian company has the record of be the first non-Chinese company on the entity lista record not appreciated by the management that defined the FCC’s decision “a response to the geopolitical climate rather than a comprehensive assessment of the integrity of Kaspersky’s products and services“.

For the United States, this is a decision to “empower American communications networks against national security threats“The White House considers the possibility of a large-scale Russian cyber attack on the country, and the introduction of Kaspersky on the black list of companies you don’t like it should be read as the desire to create a preventive defense structure to be ready in the moment of a possible offensive.

However, relations between the USA and Kaspersky have never been completely rosy: since 2017, antivirus software has been banned in certain federal contexts for fear of espionage by Moscow. The Russian company, for its part, has always denied having direct relations with the Kremlin, considering the considerations on its behalf “based on false accusations and inaccurate assumptions“.”An unacceptable risk“, the White House had defined it then, and the same words have now been reused by the FCC to motivate its inclusion in the entity list.

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