iPhone SE 2022, still a confirmation of the lack of success

According to Kuo, Apple had expected initial sales of as many as 30 million units, but quickly adjusted the odds by settling on 15-20 million. For the moment, no official explanations and motivations have been shared (and it is practically certain that they will not arrive, but even based on our test it is legitimate to say that the upgrade compared to the iPhone SE 2020 was too marginal, and that now the appearance of the device is starting to be really too dated, considering that the first “full screen” iPhone with notch dates back to five years ago. Of course, there is the latest generation A13 chip and 5G connectivity arrives, but obviously to those who buy this type of terminal doesn’t matter much.

Is worth contextualize the estimates sales of the new cheap Melafonino to get a better idea of ​​the market. In recent years, Apple has sold over 200 million iPhones a year, and 2021 has been particularly good with figures estimated at 240-250 million. Sales of the entire range of Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S20, one of Samsung’s flagship products in the Android world, were around 20-25 million units; the entire 2021 Samsung midrange range, the Galaxy Ax2, has totaled around 150 million units sold, but is made up of an abundant dozen different models and variants that embrace a very wide price range.

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