iPhone 14 Pro, slightly different body than iPhone 14 | Rumor

The iPhone 14 Prothe two most prestigious models in the range that Apple will launch this fall as per tradition, may have a slightly different design than the two pros: the bezels will be thinner, and the rounded part of the corners will have a wider radius. She disclosed it MacRumors in partnership with the designer Ian Zelbo. The novelties are difficult to notice at a glance, but become clearer if you compare the two devices side by side:

In the rear view it is observed how the new radius of the corners of the device is closer to that of the rear camera module, but has not yet returned to the levels of harmony observed with the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max; in the anterior one the reduction of frames, which the source estimates around 20%.

As we know, one of the big news of this year’s Pro models will finally be the disappearance of the front notch in favor of a solution more in line with what has been seen for some time now on Android, namely the holes in the display – one elongated for the Face ID and a round one for the selfie cam; and here it clearly emerges that, if it is true that the space occupied as a whole will be reduced, the form will be further downthus causing a reduction in usable space for apps and an even thicker status bar.

The information that has emerged so far indicates that the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max will not adopt the same aesthetic measures, although in terms of maximum dimensions they will be similar to the Pro counterparts. So less rounded corners and thicker bezels. All of this could mean that you will need to be a little more careful with the purchase of the houseswhich will probably not be interchangeable.

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