iPhone 14 Pro: larger photographic sector due to the 48MP sensor | Kuo

To host the new 48 megapixel sensor which will take the place of the 12 megapixel one will require more space. According to the authoritative analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of TF Securities, precisely for this reason the island that will host the rear photographic compartment of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will be a little larger than that of the current iPhone 13 Pro which , in turn, it was larger than that of the iPhone 12 Pro.

Kuo said his in a tweet in which he wanted to motivate the increase in the size of the rear module that can be seen from the technical diagrams leaked in recent days. The magnitude of the module is about five percent higher compared to that of the iPhone 13 Pro. Going more specifically, it should go from a width of 35.01 mm to 36.71 mm and from a height of 36.24 mm to 38.24 mm. The protrusion with respect to the body should be 4.17 mm compared to the current 3.60 mm.

The transition to a 48MP sensor with 7-element lens (7P), says Kuo, will result in a 25 to 35 percent increase in the diagonal length of the contact image sensor (CIS). About five to ten percent increase in the height of the camera lens system as well.

In addition to a new 48 megapixel sensor, which should also allow the 8K resolution video recordingfor the new iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max a new design of the front is also expected, with thinner bezels and with a TrueDepth camera and FaceID sensors positioned inside two holes (one round and one pillar), without the notch anymore.

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