iPhone 14, no USB-C. But Lightning will be 10x faster | Rumor

Apple does not want to give up the Lightning and the revenue it guarantees in the form of royalties. In Cupertino evidently the slowness of the institutions on the introduction of the single connector has not escaped (an issue with environmental implications to which we have dedicated a substantial study), and consequently they do not want to give up the flow of money that the Lightning ensures to the (prosperous) company coffers .

It has been waiting for years, or rather hopefully, in the transition of the iPhone to USB-C, especially after all MacBooks and iPads (with the exception of the entry level) are now equipped with it. But it is precisely from the iPads that Apple would take a cue to gild the AI ​​pill creative who are clamoring for USB-C and instead will have to like Lightning for another year at least. The bone of contention is there speed in data transfer.

The current Lightning leads them to the speed ofUSB 2.0an outdated standard that does not go beyond 480 Mbps. But the Lightning has no technical limitations, so it can match USB 3.0 without any substantial modification. According to the most recent rumors this would be one of the novelties of the iPhone 14, precisely of the two Pro variants, that Apple engineers would have already worked on or be working on. The Lightning USB 3.0 would reach 5 Gbpsten times the current speeds.

A godsend for creatives who often find themselves in the position of capturing many photos and videos (perhaps in 4K Pro Res) with their trusty iPhone, and then having to transfer them to the PC to compose a single content or, trivially, edit them taking a long time, too much if you remember that in 2022 there have been – for years – standards ten times faster. Lightning USB 3.0 was featured on the first iPad Pro, and seven years later it could become a defining feature among iPhones Pro and those, so to speak, entry level, on which it seems that the usual Lightning USB 2.0 will be maintained.

In short, Apple would be willing to speed up Lightning rather than give it up. At this point, the Cupertino projects seem clear enough: continue to monetize Lightning as long as the rules allow it and then, rather than suffer an external decision, continue to sing your own music in the wake of the Think Different for switch to iPhones portless, i.e. devoid of any physical input. Apple is rumored to be able to use the MagSafe introduced with the iPhone 12 as a wireless interface for data exchange.

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