iPhone 12 128GB is back on offer again: on Amazon at an all-time low, 679 ??

Amazon’s offer of the day is really very interesting. This is the best price it has ever come at iPhone 12 in the 128GB GB size, a device still current today, with a very interesting quality / price ratio. A product that offers a build quality, pleasantness of use and longevity difficult to find in other brands.

To move iPhone 12 we find the excellent A14 Bionic system on chip, processor still very valid and supported by Apple also in the future, the IP68 certification and the usual mix of a hardware of the highest level with a software, obviously starting from iOS 15, programmed around the phone in such a way as to give the best experience. possible use. In short, the experience of use that Apple has taught us to appreciate over the course of many years of work.

Apple iPhone 12 (128GB) reaches that psychological threshold that for many could trigger the purchase. We are talking about the 128GB version, also sold and shipped by Amazon with maximum guarantee.

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(updated January 29, 2022, 4:02 pm)

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