Intel Core i9-12900HX: Alder Lake with 16 cores also for notebooks

Intel seems to have no intention of leaving the stage to the brand new M1 Ultra, a clear show of strength from Apple that certainly has not been well received in Santa Clara, regardless of whether the two platforms are really comparable or not. While it was probably already in the manufacturer’s plans with the Core 12th gen H series announced at CES 2022, Intel is ready to raise the bar with another enthusiast-end notebook processorit is the Core i9-12900HX that, at least according to what transpires from the database of Geekbench, It will be there first 16-core Mobile CPU of the company to reach the consumer market.

While we are waiting to see the Core i9-12900KS at work for the desktop segment, at the same time what is in effect the mobile variant of the much discussed Core i9-12900K (Review) could arrive, thus guaranteeing 8 P-Cores and 8 E-Cores and improving the already excellent performance of the Core i9-12900HK (6 P-Core and 8 E-Core).

The next top of the Intel range was tested on a Lenovo notebook and, unlike what the Geekbench software detected, should guarantee boost frequencies in the order of 5 GHz; this is at least what the score recorded by the new model suggests: 1,921 points in single-core and 15,974 in multi-core. The “best” Core i9-12900HK in the standings are very close in single-core (1,903 / 14,536), while M1 Ultra touches 1,793 points on single core and up to 24,315 in multi-core.

Intel Core i9-12900HX is expected to be a fully unlocked chip that will allow Intel partners to indulge themselves and offer really high-powered gaming notebooks. As for the other Alder Lake models we do not expect miracles in terms of peak consumption, while we remember that the Core 12gen H series also clashes on the market with the AMD Ryzen 6000 Mobile, much more efficient but far away in terms of absolute performance.

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