Instagram, the possibility to reply to the Stories with a voice is coming

Instagram lately it’s in the mood for something new. After the arrival of the recent changes for the Feed, in fact, there seems to be another one in the pipeline addition that will affect the Stories, which is one of the features that most define the platform. At the moment there is still nothing official: the discovery in fact comes thanks to Alessandro Paluzzi, who already in the past through the reverse engineering he anticipated some changes coming to various apps, including Instagram.

Apparently, as shown by the screenshot you see below, there would be a ‘unedited option to reply to the Stories, that is the voice message.

In fact, in the text input field in the lower part of the interface, an icon appears that leaves no room for doubt: that of the microphone, located to the left of the gif button. At the moment the function, as mentioned, has not yet been implemented, and we do not know what the social plans are in this regard: but for sure the development team is working on the feature, and it also seems to have reached a good point, so not it should be long before you can see it in action.

For the moment it will be possible to respond to the Stories therefore with the already known methods ranging from quick emoticons to textual replication up to gifs, while the vowels are still an exclusive of Direct.

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