In the end, the Telegram crypto is alive, it has only changed its name: it works, here’s how

Telegram now supports exchanges of Toncoin among users, the digital currency that TON (The Open Network) announced via Twitter to be supported from the messaging app. “It’s a new option to send Toncoins without commissions to any Telegram user. So you no longer have to type long wallet identification codes and wait for transaction confirmations”reads TON’s tweet.

The Open Network attached to the communication (you can find it in SOURCE) a video showing how to make transactions. First of all it is necessary start the Wallet bot (@wallet) on Telegram and add it as an option to the attachment menu, as you would if you wanted to operate with Bitcoins. Then, again through the bot, buy TON, and finally go to the chat of the user to send money to, touch the attachment icon, select the wallet and define the transaction.

TON is a project born in 2018 by the founders of Telegram, the Durov brothers. The goal was what is being achieved today, only that the Gram and not the Toncoin, i.e. the Telegram crypto, should have traveled on the TON blockchain. The initiative fell through after various vicissitudes with the SEC, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the latest of which in October 2019 definitely stopped Gram: “Our emergency action today is aimed at preventing Telegram from flooding US markets with digital tokens that we believe have been illegally sold.”She said Stephanie Avakianco-director of the SEC’s Division of Enforcement.

So Gram was abandoned, but the TON blockchain project was renamed by Telegram Open Network to The Open Network And crypto from Gram to Toncoin, thanks to some developers who kept it afloat. Last December came the investiture of Pavel Durov, who publicly supported the idea of ​​keeping the initial goal alive: “I am proud that the technology we have is alive and being evolved […] TON is years ahead of other blockchains “, She said. Now that project comes to fruition, albeit with a different name.

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