Immuni updates on iOS: the Green Pass moves (but it’s more comfortable)

The Green Pass on Immuni it has disappeared, indeed, no, it is there but it is no longer where it was before. Here is a summary of the logical path taken in these hours by iPhone owners who found themselves accessing the app to retrieve their vaccination certificate which – we recall – will continue to be mandatory in certain circumstances at least until 31 December 2022.

There are now several ways that allow us to view (and show) the Green Pass: on iOS, for example, it is possible to manage the certificate also from Wallet (from iOS 15.4 onwards) and from the IO app, as well as of course Immuni who first activated this tool. And since for security reasons and to add new features the apps generally are updated with a certain constancy, the same fate has also befallen Immuni who, in the most recent version 2.6.0he made some changes that initially they raised concerns that the Green Pass was no longer accessible from the platform.

Not bad, of course, given that, as mentioned, alternatives are not lacking, but over time Immuni has assumed a central role in the management of the vaccination certificate (and less and less in the reporting of positivity, a tool that has faced several critical issues) and would not have made sense such a sudden abandonment. Nothing to worry about, therefore, why the Green Pass is still there and indeed, perhaps it is even easier (and quicker) to exhibit at the entrance of restaurants and sports halls.

By opening the app, it actually seems that there is something wrong, because you are invited to (re) upload your certificate, selecting the type of code, the code (have we kept the SMS?), the last 8 digits of the Health Card and its expiration date. Looking closer, however, in the bottom menu there is now an item “Certificates“Well, our Green Pass can only be there. And so it is, actually.

So no change of course, no abandonment of the app, simply an update that aims to make it easier to access your document. Not only that: under the QR code, the personal data and the unique identifier of the certificate there is now an option “Add to home“which allows you to view the Green Pass directly in the app home (NOT the smartphone). In summary, if you activate this option every time you open the Immuni app you will immediately find the QR code in front of you: very convenient because you avoid several steps that risk wasting time – for us and for others.

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