Iliad Fibra: installations begun amidst the satisfactions and problems of youth

A few days after the official presentation of the Iliad Fiber offer, the attention towards the operator is very high. Thanks to the very advantageous prices for those who were Iliad Mobile users with automatic debit and a transparency policy that has always been the basis of the company, there are many activations that have been requested in the first 48 hours.

Activations that are taking place throughout Italy with a speed that makes Iliad’s domestic proposal concrete. In fact, the company did not let itself be caught unprepared and there are many technicians who are bringing home thousands of Italians to the house. Iliad Boxthe new round modem / router capable of up to 5GB / s using the 3 LAN ports (2.5GB / s + 1GB / s + 1GB / s) and Wi-Fi in a combined way.


On the net there was obviously no lack of first testimonies with many people who were satisfied with the network and its performance. First of all, however, it should be emphasized that the e-mails arrived in the editorial office and the information we have collected only concerns installations with already complete fiber networks connected at home. In fact, we talk about changing operators in which Iliad arrives simply by installing the Router on an infrastructure already built and laid previously.

Regardless of this, however, Iliad Box seems to be a very simple product with immediate installation thanks to the support application that allows you to interface with the modem / router in a few seconds, customize the network, enter the parameters by the technician and have all the infrastructure up and running in minutes.

Performance is also interesting. Leaving aside the speed of the ports and the peaks that can be reached – we do not yet have enough data to plot an overall average – it is interesting to note how the Iliad Box has a good Wi-Fi connection capable of pushing a speed test up to 700MB / s in download thus exceeding the initial expectations of 500MB / s which were the declared values.

In short, it seems that the debut is great and the promises have been kept regarding speed, ease of configuration and installation.


Therefore, if for many everything worked immediately, there were some problems that are physiological for a new operator who is making his debut in a market that he has not yet explored. In particular, we have received reports regarding the difficulty of installing the network by some technicians.

On the one hand, in some cases there was little preparation on the part of the Iliad call center, which was contacted by the Open Fiber technician to activate the line. On the other hand, some hardware problems of Iliad Box made it impossible to configure the modem. This is a hardware problem related to the connector that allows you to hook the Fiber cable which was found to be defective with the need to replace the box. Disadvantages for the moment sporadic and considered normal in this first initial phase of activation and that should not worry at the moment.

In general, however, the acceleration of Iliad seems to be corroborated by the facts with activation times that are in line with the other operators present in the area for years and with a management system for new users that works. Obviously, relying on pre-existing wiring often makes activation much more immediate but it is clear that Iliad is not being found unprepared apart from some cases that for the moment remain sporadic.

And you have passed to Iliad Fibra? Tell us about your experience in the comments.

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