Iliad Data 300 GB at 13.99 euros per month is it really that convenient?

Iliad Data 300 GB is the first offer on the Italian market that includes a monthly data package from 300 GB in 4G / 4G + at the price of 13.99 euros per month. There are no speed limits, hidden costs or constraints; furthermore, there is no obligation to stay. The cost of the SIM of 9.99 euros remains to be borne, like other operators, 10 GB to be played while roaming in Europe; the calls are eventually paid for, but it would not make sense to use them since we are talking about 0.28 euros per minute.

The new Dati 300 from iliad born to satisfy the needs of those looking for an offer to browse worry-free and can be enjoyed via tablet or by inserting the SIM directly into a 4G modem “, the operator emphasizes. “The tariff of the Data 300 offer will never undergo changes, as always guaranteed by iliad to its users, who in less than 4 years have exceeded the 8.5 million mark“.

A first comparison, suggested by Iliad itself, with the competing tariffs of the infrastructure operators seems to favor potential Iliad customers – provided of course they select similar offers without permanence restrictions. We checked and in fact TIM stops at 100 GB, although it also combines 5G, but asks for € 19.99 per month. The WindTre Cube Full offer reported by Iliad has changed: now for 12.99 euros per month they offer 150 GB but there is the constraint of the WeCube + device included which effectively blocks the customer for 24 months. Vodafone GigaSpeed ​​50 is a rechargeable solution that offers 50 GB for 13.99 euros, but if you want, there is Vodafone Speed ​​Plus 100 which, however, being a subscription, binds the customer for 24 months.

Overall Iliad Data 300 GB it seems to have a very fair price and above all the lack of constraints appears to be a great advantage, provided of course we consider the fact that, depending on the area, clearly different performances can be obtained – but this is now a detail that all consumers should know as it applies to every operator.

The offer Iliad Data 300 GB it can be activated from today until 10th major 2022 by connecting with the official website or through Simbox at the 26 iliad Stores and over 1,200 iliad Corners (in shopping centers and at large-scale retail chains).

We also remind you of the other Iliad offers that can be activated with the possibility of passing the number or new activation:

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