Iliad, continues to grow in 2021: reached 8.5 million users

As anticipated at the launch of the FTTH fiber service last January, iliad closed its 2021 with over 8.5 million users and with a market share of more than 10%. From a financial point of view, at the end of last year, iliad registered a turnover of 802 million euros, up 19% compared to 2020, and a positive EBITDAaL (gross operating margin after lease) for the first year, at 80 million euros. iliad Italia, we recall, had closed 2020 with 674 million in revenues and a negative EBITDA of 316.3 million.

During 2021, iliad Italia has also done so 413 million euros of investmentsmainly intended for the implementation of its own mobile radio network infrastructure which led to over 8,700 sites activated which, according to rumors, on the basis of a possible agreement, could soon be shared in part with WindTre (in relation to 5G antennas and in particular in remote areas of the country), together with management costs.

The distribution network is also growing today it has over 3,500 points of sale including 25 Flagship Stores, more than 1,200 iliad Corners (with also the Simboxes distributed in large-scale distribution), over 2,000 iliad Express in supermarkets, large distribution and book stores, and more than 350 iliad Points in newsstands and tobacconists.

More generally, the iliad Group, which came to occupy the sixth position among the main mobile telephone operators in Europe, achieved a turnover of 7.5 billion euros in 2021 and an EBITDAaL up 51% to 2.95 billion euros. A growth “certified” also by Brand Finance according to which the French operator was the telco that achieved the best performance with a 107% increase in the estimated value of 447 million dollars.

We also remember the other Iliad offers that can be activated with the possibility of passing the number or new activation:

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  • GIGA 80: Unlimited calls and messages + 80GB of internet + 6GB of data in Europe – LINK OFFER
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  • 5GB / s FIBER OFFER: unlimited fiber internet up to 5GB / s in total – LINK OFFER

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