Hyundai, order of 2 billion euros for electric motors from Vitesco Technologies

The Hyundai Groupas we know, has a ambitious electrification project. This plan also goes through Vitesco Technologies which has received an important order from the Korean Group worth 2 billion euros for the supply of units that will be used on a global electric vehicle of segment B / C starting from 2024. Specifically, the Korean group will adopt theelectric axle EMR4 (Electronics Motor Reducer) with power of 160 kW (consisting of electric motor, power electronics and transmission).

We do not know which cars these powertrains will be used on. However, the fact that the EMR4 electric axle is at 400 V means that it will not be adopted on cars that have the E-GMP platform. It is worth noting that these units will offer 10 kW more than those present in the Group’s electric cars equipped with a 400 V platform. We are talking, for example, of the Kia e-niro and Kona Electric which have 150 kW powetrains. .

As the Vitesco Technologies platform will be integrated on cars that will debut in 2024, there will be a way to know more over the next few months. Interestingly, the EMR4 can cover a power range from 80 to 230 kW. This means that the Korean Group has chosen an “intermediate version”. However, if desired, it would be possible to equip the cars with greater power.

Vitesco highlights that EMR4 is much more efficient than the previous version (EMR3) and this translates into greater autonomy. Plus, it weighs 25% less. Thanks to its compact sizethe company emphasizes that it can be easily integrated into the cars.

A very interesting piece of news, therefore, which once again highlights how the Korean Group is accelerating its electrification strategy. All that remains is to wait for more information.

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