Horizon Worlds, you don’t need a viewer for the metaverse: also coming to smartphones

The metaverse it is a great opportunity to monetize, and create value from nothing, building a parallel world made of intangible goods and services. Meta, which on this front has decided to invest to the point of divesting the Facebook name, knows it well.

To do so, however, it is unthinkable to rely only on the fullest version of Zuckerberg’s vision, that is the one linked to Virtual Reality and Quest viewers. And on the other hand, the metaverse, despite being a concept strongly linked to these developments, was presented above all as an evolution of the internet that aims to revolutionize – in a playful way – the methods of interaction, making it a more concrete and visitable place.


It’s not really a surprise, then, that the CTO of Meta Andrew Bosworth communicated on Twitter without too many drumbeats. Bosworth indeed has explicitly mentioned a web version – therefore also usable from smartphone – of Horizon Worlds, the platform on which Meta is building the foundations of its metaversebut which is currently only accessible through Quest VR headsets.

The reference, in this case, is to the commissions that Meta will keep on all the transactions that will take place on Horizon – a topic that we have already addressed a few days ago, and that has caused discussion on the net. specifically, Bosworth argues that a 25% commission to be applied to transactions on Horizon once the platform is also available in web format it would be absolutely reasonable considering the percentages of competing platforms, which are higher – here they are not explicitly mentioned, but we are talking for example of Roblox and Rec Room.

The opening of Horizon to the mobile world will suddenly enormously expand the audience of possible users, which is now restricted by the still marginal market of Quest VR headsets, and is therefore a crucial step for Meta’s monetization objectives. No haptic suits and science fiction solutions: the concrete foundations of the metaverse will be laid in smartphones.

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