Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki together for a battery swap service

The battery swap it can be a very interesting solution for electric scooters and small battery-powered motorcycles. Gogoro, for example, has shown how a battery exchange service could be an optimal system to push the spread of small electric scooters around the city. As we know, other companies working in the world of two wheels are also moving in this direction.

Precisely on this issue, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki they decided to create, together with Eneos, a new company called Gachaco whose objective is to arrive at providing a standardized battery swap service for electric scooters and developing infrastructures for this service. Hence, this new reality will work towards achieving one Battery as a Service platform. The goal is to create and offer solutions to overcome those problems that limit the spread of electric mobility such as recharging times.

We recall that Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki had worked together in the past to create a common standard for a battery swap system. According to the announcement, Gachaco intends to launch a battery swap based service by next autumn on Honda’s Mobile Power Pack which supports this new common standard. We will leave from Tokyo and from other major cities of Japan.

The stations for exchanging batteries Honda Mobile Power Pack Exchanger they will be placed in strategic places in the cities. In the long term, Gachaco will not limit itself to offering only a battery swap service for electric two wheels. In fact, according to what has been reported, the company will promote the use of standardized interchangeable batteries for other applications as well. All while paying close attention to the recycling aspect.

In fact, the batteries that have reached the end of the battery swap service can be reused in other areas, if still in good condition, or recycled to recover raw materials that can be reused for the production of other accumulators. A very interesting project, therefore, that closely resembles that of Gogoro.

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