Here is “iPhone 13 Pro Max Ultra”: two batteries, USB-C, jack and fans | Modding

There “iPhone 13 Pro Max Ultra“: the name is unofficial, but it well represents the extensive hardware changes that a Chinese enthusiast has made to his” regular “13 Pro Max. Unfortunately, it is difficult to go too deep into the build because the video that tells the project, which appeared on Weibo, is completely in Chinese, but the salient details are quite clear. Compared to an almost doubled thickness, the iPhone modded offers:

  • Additional USB-C port. The original Lightning port remains 100% functional.
  • Audio jack 3.5 mm
  • Active heat dissipation thanks to two fans
  • A second batteryidentical to the original one

The boost of the dissipation capacity guarantees the device significantly higher performance in the benchmarks: the user declares 870.244 points up AnTuTuwhere before the changes the same unit stopped at 715,809 points. In short, an increase of about 154,000 points, or 20%. There are no precise details on the autonomy, but since these are two batteries whose individual nominal capacity is 4.352 mAh we can expect monstrous results – especially considering that the iPhone 13 Pro Max is already very long-lived in itself. It is likely that it will not be an exact doubling given the greater power of the SoC, but it would be really interesting to make a Live Battery with it, don’t you think?

Clearly the greater thickness is a rather difficult compromise to accept, and finding a suitable case will be a good undertaking, but there is still a certain trend in the community of the most enterprising and experienced enthusiasts: the USB-C port on the iPhone is liked, as demonstrated just a few months ago by a prototype of the iPhone X (with normal thickness, and no Lightning) sold at auction for a whopping 86,000 dollars. In reality, however, Apple does not seem willing to change, although with the new European laws it may be forced – but it will take a few more years.


(updated February 28, 2022, 09:32 am)

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