“He crashed the plane for a fist of clicks”: FAA revokes the flight license of the Youtuber

The FAA has decided to revoke Trevor Jacob’s flight license, the YouTuber accused earlier this year of purposely crashing his own plane for entertainment, in short. The video, simply called “I Crashed My Plane”, is still online and has already amassed 1.9 million views, and had promptly generated several video reactions from experts who questioned Jacob’s actions.

In the official letter communicating the action, the FAA said Jacob “demonstrated a lack of attention, judgment and responsibility by choosing to jump out of an aircraft” and that “he managed the flight in a way that caused the crash on purpose.” . Specifically, the authority notes that Jacob did not follow the correct procedure to restart the plane’s engine, did not contact the air traffic controllers for help and did not look for an alternative point to attempt a landing despite there being several options. available. In short, the plane was given up too quickly.

Not only: the actual engine failure is also in doubt, as Jacob seems to open the cockpit door even before the propeller started to stop. Incidentally, many have observed that generally Jacob doesn’t wear a parachute when he flies, but he just happens to be that time. That said, at present it is not even correct not to even leave the benefit of the doubt to the YouTuber: the plane was very old (built in the 1940s) and according to several reports it was not in top shape for some time.

Trevor Jacob has always had a very active lifestyle and a passion for extreme sports. He participated in the 2014 Winter Olympics in the discipline of snowboarding and skydiving. Apparently the news of the letter reached him from the newspapers: specifically the New York Times he asked him for a comment, and the answer was in turn a question: “Where did you get this information?”. If Jacob doesn’t deliver the patent he could get it fines of over $ 1,000 a day.

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