Happy Easter 2022 from HDblog

Today and tomorrow HDblog takes a break. As per tradition, there are 7 days in which HDblog officially closes. A way to thank all the people who collaborate every day to keep the site online, updated and who are looking for new ideas and solutions to improve the editorial offer that you find on the site every day. 48 hours of break from the frenetic pace of technological innovations that this year have not always convinced readers and that often have not brought real improvements compared to the models of the past year, both in the smartphone field, both in the PC field and beyond.

Sunday and Monday, therefore, only food, real, concrete and no leaks, rumors or indiscretions. If you see some blurry images, it will only be the fault of the wine you drank and not the last stolen photo of the top range of the moment.

A hug to all of you who follow us, encourage and criticize with affection. Happy Easter and appointment, with the news, on Tuesday.

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