Halo Infinite season 2, release date and first teaser trailer | Official

The second season of Halo Infinite finally has a date: May 3rd, in less than a month – in four Tuesdays, if you like. We also have the first teaser trailer: less than thirty seconds, but it offers some quick sneak peeks of what we can expect. The season, which as we already knew is called Lone Wolveswill finally bring some new content, which gamers desperately need – indeed, Microsoft itself needs it, if it is to try to stop the bleeding of users that Game-as-a-Service has registered. in the months immediately after launch.

We still don’t know exactly what the new contentbut some advances, more or less official, include:

  • new multiplayer map called Catalyst
  • new BTB map called Breaker
  • new game modes, including King of the Hill, Battle Royale (BTB Last Spartan Standing)
  • new options in modes like Last Spartan Standing and Land Grab
  • improvements and adjustments to the progression system, including the ability to earn premium currency for shopping in the shop
  • shop improvements and adjustments
  • more customization possibilities for Spartans and vehicles

We know for sure that not everything that 343i had hoped to include is coming: highly anticipated features like the Forge mode (to customize online matches) and the co-op mode in the single player campaign have already been postponed long ago. There are rumors that there may still be novelty from the point of view of historybut it is not clear if they will be about the Master Chief adventure or the multiplayer (the latter option seems more likely).

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