Growing pixels, Google has never sold so many smartphones

Google has more than one reason to celebrate the results of its last fiscal quarter (Q4 2021), which culminate in a year in which parent company, Alphabet, has set a new all-time record in revenue. Positive signs do indeed come also from the sales of Pixel smartphones which seem to finally begin to pay off the efforts made by the Mountain View house to make them more and more popular. To describe the trend was the CEO Sundar Pichai with a brief reference to Record quarterly sales, despite supply limits. Google does not provide more precise data on the number of units placed, nor on the best-selling models, but overall the data is encouraging.

Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, launched in full Q4 2021, have undoubtedly given the decisive contribution to obtain the aforementioned record, which could have been further improved were it not for the limited stocks due to the component crisis. It was understood that Google wanted to accelerate the sale of Pixel smartphones in the months before the presentation of the Pixel 6 line preceded by a massive marketing campaign, an approach reserved for products that you want to make in some way mainstream and no longer just limited to a small circle of enthusiasts.

The Pixel 6s have made a significant contribution to the relaunch of sales of Google’s smartphones in Q4 2021

It is also true that the Pixels still have a long way to go to establish themselves in the smartphone market: the distribution of the latest models continues to be limited to a few markets and when it comes to examining theeffective impact on Google’s earnings resulting from the sale of these products, it is noted that the contribution remains marginal. THE revenues generated from the sale of Pixels converge in the 181 million dollars of the balance sheet item of Alphabet “Other Bets” but it also contains other products (e.g. Nest devices) and activities. On the strength of the results obtained in the last quarter, however, Google may already be ready to relaunch the Pixel offer with the new 6a (see the latest rumors) and, why not, by extending the distribution of Pixel 6 and 6 Pro to other markets. ..

(updated February 02, 2022, 5:42 pm)

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