Greetings, Kirby: Nintendo’s little pink creature turns 30!

The April 27, 1992 Nintendo released a video game for the Game Boy of the time in Japan that no one probably predicted would survive to this day. Without showing the signs of aging, however: excluding from the spin off and remake count, the thirteenth chapter of the series, Kirby and the Lost Landarrived on Switch on March 25th after a four-year “hiatus” (here the trailer that preceded the launch).

Kirby’s success is the result … of chance. The protagonist of the series should have been a different character, which in HAL Laboratory, however, they had not yet structured. They preferred to focus on perfecting the game experience of the first chapter – later called Kirby’s Dream Land – rather than “wasting time” on what could be done in the end, so they tentatively used a small pink spherical creature.

They couldn’t have known that they would be fond of it to the point of bringing it to its debut, but there was still a name to choose. The one originally chosen, Popopo, seemed unsuitable for Western users, so it was decided to give the amiable creature the surname of John Kirbya Nintendo of America lawyer who recently passed away (in 2019) who at the time was instrumental in the company’s victory in a legal dispute with Universal Studios in which it was embroiled.

To thank him, Nintendo not only gave the game its name, but gave it a $ 30,000 sailboat called Donkey Kong, another historic Nintendo video game series, along with the rights to use the name in the naval arena.

Kirby and the Lost Land presents itself as a 3D platformer that allows you to explore a hitherto unknown world, and sees the small pink sphere intent on saving the Waddle Dee who have been kidnapped and transported to the new reality.

Suddenly, in the sky of the planet Pop, a strange vortex appeared that sucked up everything around it … Kirby included! – is the Nintendo storyline on the last chapter. After awakening to a mysterious world where civilization and nature have become one, Kirby discovers that the Waddle Dee have been kidnapped by a fearsome gang known as the army of beasts. Accompanied by his unique new friend, Elfilin, Kirby springs into action, setting off on a great adventure! Will he be able to save the Waddle Dee and return home?

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