Green Pass, third dose and DaD: the news confirmed by the CdM

The official Palazzo Chigi YouTube channel offered live streaming on the press conference following today’s Council of Ministers, which began at 4 pm. relevant news relating to the Green Pass, the methods of quarantine and general management of the pandemic “in the context of the education, school and training system”. The press conference was held by the Minister of Education Bianchi and the Minister of Health Speranza. To follow the link to the streaming, then all the news.

The CdM number 59 arrives just two days after the previous one, the first after the re-election of Mattarella as President of the Republic. which was very short. On that occasion it was only decided to extend certain anti-COVID-19 measures previously instituted by ten days – that is, closed discos, no outdoor parties and the obligation to wear masks even outdoors. Instead, let’s see the main changes introduced by the last Council of Ministers:

  • Green Pass and third dose

    • The Super Green Pass will have an “unlimited” duration for all those who have had the third dose (“booster”) of the vaccine, and for all those who have been infected with the virus and recovered after taking the two regular doses of the vaccine.
    • For those vaccinated, even with boosters, confinement and travel restrictions will not be triggered, not even in the red zone; in essence those who have completed the vaccination cycle will no longer make any distinction between the various areas.
  • Schools, quarantine and DDA

    • Goodbye DaD for all vaccinated studentsstarting from elementary school and up.
    • In case of positive classmates (at least five for primary schools and at least two for secondary schools), the unvaccinated or recovered will do five days of distance learning.
    • The DaD will instead be established for all children from 0 to 6 years (always in the case of 5 or more cases in the classroom), given that no vaccine or mask is provided for this age group.
    • Vaccinated kids who come in close contact with a positive will do a 5-day quarantine instead of 10.

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