Green Pass mandatory also in post office and at the bank: what changes starting today

The obligation to show the Green Pass in mail, in Bank, And in commercial activities – with the exception of those necessary to satisfy essential and primary needs of the person. The further tightening is expected to contain as much as possible the spread of the virus which, with the Omicron variant, has proved extremely contagious. No news, however, for the obligations to wear a mask and for the closure of discos which remain unchanged for another 10 days, as ordered by the council of ministers yesterday.


Starting today, February 1st, it will also be used in the basic Green Pass for access to:

Also from that date the following changes are expected:

  • the Green Pass will have a reduced duration from 9 to 6 months
  • the minimum period for the administration of the third dose (booster) is reduced from 5 to 4 months from the completion of the primary vaccination course


From February 15th and until the end of the state of emergency (remember, at the moment it is March 31st) the extension of the reinforced green pass (vaccination or recovery) is foreseen to public and private workers aged 50 and over to access the places of work.


For the sake of completeness, the measures already in force since last January 20 are recalled: the reference standard is the legislative decree 1/2022, the same that established the vaccination obligation for those over 50 (from January 8), which provided for new limitations. to be introduced in stages, January 20 and February 1, valid until March 31, the date set as the end of the state of emergency – except for extensions, of course. Since last February 20 you need the “basic” Green Pass (therefore not the reinforced Green Pass) to access the following services:

  • salons of barbers and hairdressers
  • beauty centers
  • spas
  • beauty salons
  • manicure and pedicure services
  • tattoo and piercing business
  • tailors
  • laundries and dry cleaners, including industrial ones
  • funeral home

Also from January 20, the Green Pass is also mandatory for “face-to-face visual interviews with inmates and inmates, inside prisons for adults and minors“.

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