GPU market, growth close to 30% in 2021 and there seems to be room for Intel

The chip crisis has marked 2021, we have told you about it and when possible also documented during the last year. But evidently, at least as far as GPUs are concerned, it has been exacerbated by one demand far exceeds supply, not from an actual shortage of graphics cards. The consideration is induced by the report of Jon Peddie Researchwhich shows that comparing 2021 to the previous year, GPU shipments (technically AIB, i.e. those not integrated) are go up by 29.5%with a turnover it has exceeded $ 50 billion (51.8 to be precise).

Now the situation seems to be returning to normal, at least looking at the prices, but 2021 was positive for both AMD and Nvidia, the latter undisputed market leader with 77.2%. 2022 will be different because Intel will also participate in the competition with its Arc Alchemist GPUs which, despite the delays, should be launched in a few weeks. It is possible that this year too the market will continue to expandalthough it may be difficult to replicate the growth of 2021, when they were shipped over 50 million GPUs instead of the approximately 42 million in 2020.

Intel is poised to enter the AIB market in 2022. It is unclear whether the company will sell add-on cards like AMD and Nvidia do, or offer chips only, Jon Peddie said. The company is entering the market at a peak time and may be surprised when the pressures of recovery from COVID on the one hand and cryptocurrency mining on the other fade. The question most people ask themselves is: what market share will they be able to win?

From the projections of Jon Peddie Research, however, it seems that the GPU market will continue to offer its players commercial satisfactions: the forecasts speak of a turnover up to 52.2 billion dollars at the end of 2023, so Intel may have time and space to take a piece of the pie in a market that is and will remain thriving for some time to come.

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