Google tries to renew Stadia: initiatives for players and developers

During the opening keynote of the Google For Games Developer Summit 2022, in addition to Steam on Chrome OS, the Stadia video game streaming service was also discussed. The company presented various initiatives to revive the fortunesafter a first period decidedly below expectations and indiscretions that even fear a dismantling: the common denominator can be summarized with the word “free“. The main points can be summarized as follows:

  1. Any developer on Stadia will be able to offer instant free trials of your games – you don’t even need to log into a Stadia account. The path from the search engine / video / ad to the actual game shouldn’t take more than a couple of clicks.
  2. No Stadia accounts to explore the web store: You don’t even need a Google account, in fact. This will allow players to more easily discover trial versions, free games and paid games.
  3. Easier ports for Unreal Engine or Unity based games: automatic tools will translate all calls to the DirectX API, so that the game engine will hardly have to be touched
  4. Licensing of Cloud Technology to Third Parties. Here we refer to the above rumors, which however turned out to be only partially true. Meanwhile, the official name of the initiative is Immersive Stream for Games, instead of Google Stream; And yes, partners like AT&T will be able to use Stadia’s technology for their paid and free game offering, but the original Stadia platform will continue to exist.

Three clicks and you play. Without login

At this initial stage it should be noted that the free trials for the moment require access with a Google account, but at least it is not necessary to activate Stadia in some way. However, the company confirmed that it is investigating further possible ways to make the service as transparent and discreet as possible.

Currently, Stadia allows you to play the following titles for free:

AT&T is expected to announce free sessions for another game shortly.

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